Don’t you just love a bargain….

I was wandering in the CBD the other day…our main shopping strip here where I live isn’t really all that big so I pretty much know all the places I enjoy looking at, occasionally though you end up finding something that catches your eye. I remember seeing this jacket a while back when I visited a shop (which I cant remember the name…GOOD ONE BEN!) and looking at the price I was surprised at how cheap it was. The brand also was one I had never heard of, Brent Wilson’s The Basics. It was a size 34 which here in Aus…is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I will also add that this fits off the rack! I didn’t pin it, or take it to the tailor….so if you are my size and are looking for some great affordable fitted blazers, give them a look.

But I didnt buy it at the time…..Skip forward to now. The shop was having a massive sale marking some stuff down to insane prices. So I walked into the shop and saw this red jacket sitting there for only $60…. I was like…TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

So here I am wearing a Blazer by Brent Wilson’s The Basics, V-Neck pullover by Jack London, Skinny chinos by Topman and Denim shirt by Rodger David.

I find bright colours like this are always shown in examples in most write-ups for spring/summer..almost each year there is always some sort of bright colour that is in. I find this kind of bright statement blazer can be fairly preppy if you chose to wear it with a standard button up, chino combo….or pair it with a contrasting navy rep tie. I chose to try and push away from an obvious prep style and wore it with more muted tones…basically sometimes its nice to let a colour speak for itself.

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