Red Door, Blue Door

Red Door, Blue Door

Two tone fun….

I have seen as of late a lot of two tone stuff popping up all over the place. As half of the world is moving into spring/summer…It seems to be a really nice approach to wearing a suit and tie. There are some examples here, here and here so its no secret that I was inspired to see how it looks. If you have a few different suits, blazers or chinos etc. you can easily mix and match them without really needing to think about it too much….I mean…you probably cant mix brown with lime green pants..or can you? who knows…I dare someone to test that.

What I’ve done here is a slight play on that traditional navy/tan outfit that you see many older men wear. I guess its a preppy staple. By swapping the colours around…you end up with something entirely different, and with choosing to wear an electric blue instead of Navy it making the outfit into something different all together.

Keep it un-done…

I often get asked why I don’t do my tie all the way up….often by pig headed business guys who scoff at how well tailored a jacket is…or how your pants are “too tight”  It always makes me chuckle :P

But I find…if you are not really wearing a suit for business…then there is no need to look like one..so on a hot day, I will un-button my top button and pull my tie down….Simple as that. It seems to take an outfit from “suit” to just wearing clothes..

Thats my two cents anyway :)

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